PORTABLE HIGH FREQUENCY: This portable RF machine will give you numerous skin benefits such as skin lifting, wrinkle removal, removes blemishes, skin lightening, removing fine lines, anti aging and anti acne.

1. The portable high frequency of this machine will help your skin produce new collagen, increases the oxygenation and will give you improvement to your blood circulation. This can help your skin look younger.

2. This portable high frequency machine is not just helping tightening the skin but also help you burn fats and make your skin more elastic.

3. By the help of the portable high frequency, the flabby skin will become firmer without any damage; it will also give you smoother and whiter skin.

4. Aside from improvement from the result of portable high frequency skin tightening, it will also give your body a relaxed, rejuvenated feeling.

5. The portable radio frequency face lift device is less expensive than the regular sessions at most clinics. You can use it anywhere and it will give you quality treatments at your own location at any time.

6. The portable radio frequency machine is relatively painless and may cause only slight discoloration.

7. This portable high frequency facial machine helps the skin to easily absorb any creams and vitamins. Simply rubbing the cream onto your skin does not guarantee absorption.

8. The portable high frequency skin tightening is generally advisable for everyone, even if you have sensitive skin or allergies. But consult a doctor first to be sure.

9. This portable radio frequency face lift device is easy to use–you don’t need to be an expert to use this. You can simply follow the steps on their instruction manuals or on their videos online.



Use of thread to do eyebrows,upper-lip, forehead, down-chin, sideburns and full face. The most safest and long-lasting technique which is most safe for even sensitive skin. No Heat, No chemicals used.


Australian brand heated wax used to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, upper-lip, forehead, down-chin chin, sideburns, full face, half arm, full arm, under arm, half legs, full legs, tummy line, half back and full back. Use of after wax lotion for smooth and relaxed skin feel.


Massage on face, neck and back using high branded products which include different treatments depending upon the chosen services. We provide Matte effect deep cleansing, face peeling, fruit facial, instant glow facial, silver facial, gold facial, diamond facial, shahnaz facial, ageless facial, acne facial, unsafe facial, pearl facial and platinum facial.


Manicure and pedicure which involve soaking with vibrator on, followed by srubbing, cuticle cleaning, massage with special relaxing point pressing. nail trimming followed by nail enamel application.


Head massage and back massage using special massage oil. Head massage including head spa. Makeup done using the high brand products, suiting to your occasion. We do all type of makeups i.e. traditional makeup for custom dances, birthday makeup, party makeup, event makeup, formal party, wedding makeup, brides maids makeup.


Hair styling: blow dry, temporary straightening. Hair cutting : simple trimming, U-cut, diamond cut, henna and color application. Hair blow dry, temporary straightening.


Special offers come during certain occasions and festivals like Diwali, Karwachuth, Chritsmas etc. Which include Facials, Waxing, Threading which will depend upon the offer on deal or the offer you choose.

All time offer of our Wax package: Full Arms + Under Arms + Full Legs = $65

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